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               Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

Appleridge German Shepherds (423)457-3808 -Now in Atlanta GA, Annette text,phone 32 Years Dedication to Purebred Dogs , Atlanta, Cleveland, Ontario-CKC AKC Inspected and Approved

" Shockwave " son of the famous couple......
"Lincoln"   &     Juliet
Handsome, Noble, Loyal, Loving, Versatile, Brilliant, Large Boned 
Totally amazing family boy
125 lbs
 He loves kids, pups, dogs and our cat. Shockwave can be called off leash from anywhere and quickly comes, no matter what or when or the distraction, ALWAYS!

 International Champion 5 x V1 Sieger Show
INT CH Appleridges Shockwave Time Stands Still CD BN RN RA RE PCD CGC CGCA CGCU  
OFA H E (P*) DM NN  DNA Number:   AKC DNA #V774941  OFA Heart Certified Normal 
OFA Eyes Certified Normal

Awarded 2 x High in Class for Novice B - Comp OFA's prelim Hips-"Good" Elbows-"Normal"  
Incredible !!!!  Rally Excellent Title Completed ( 1 High in Class, 1-4th in Class) 
Companion Dog Obedience...1st place, plus a 2nd place for his CD Title, Multiple placing in the Rosettes for his titles. We love this boy desire to please!!
 5 x Sieger V1 rated- IABCA SIEGER SHOWS.

DM Normal (NN)- OFA H/E,D'Locus Clear

Rally Excellent - RE
Rally Advanced - RA
Rally Novice - RN
Beginner Novice Obedience- BN
Preferred Companion Dog Obedience  - PCD
Companion Dog Obedience - CD
Canine Good Citizen - CGC
Community Canine - CGCA
Canine Urban Dog - CGCU
 5 x - V1 Sieger Excellent Ratings
International Champion 

Working on the University Doggie Career in progress
Graduated Novice - Spring 2018- GN
Rally Dual Competition Campaign -  Fall 2017 - RAE
Companion Dog Excellent - Spring 2018 - CDX
Utility Dog Obedience - UD- Summer 2018

(Above) "Shockwave" Proudly Completed his 3rd leg with a 93/100  for Rally Advance
 All Off Leash Obedience Title

Shockwave finishes PCD in the ribbons.... My baby is growing up in style... 6 titles before 1 year old
getting the hang of this "OFF LEASH" obedience thing... look MOM no "leash" !

Shockwave achieved his CD - Companion Dog Obedience Title at 10 months with 2 -1st Place & 1- 2nd placements in his class to finish his title.  He is on to more competitive "off leash" titles.....

Standing naturally at 14 months old - Healthy natural straight structure (nearly 100 lbs)

Rally Title Complete at 8 months old- Great Job ShockWave...and now

 Rally Advanced completed in 3 trials too!!! 

This boy is soooo smart he makes us look great! He wants to please us happily all the time.

When I was an adorable little baby fur boy !

Our Baby boy... at 6 months of age he has accomplished so much already.  1st in his class for BN in Alabama 191/200, 1st in his class in Atlanta 194/200.  Shockwave finishes his BN at Norcross!!!!   Prelims for his hips & elbows look great.  Vet is happy.   

Fresh, Frozen or Fresh Extended (14 day) or Natural semen available to approved females
 $1500. with BC test current for natural 

Shockwave gets 2 legs on his Rally RN title in Montgomery Alabama.  If all goes well he will finish his Rally title in Atlanta in December.  

Hips & Elbows  7 months prelims - look Great!!  Life is GOOD! 

Enjoy watching videos of Shockwave training at Holiday Inn - Montgomery Alabama USA

Appleridges My Fair Lady Juliet BN RN CGCA CGCU OFA Hips-good, Elbow-Normal, DM NN

CDN Ch Appleridges Kutting Edge Laser CD CGN TT HIC Urban Dog OVC Hips-Good,Elbows- Normal- DM ( all progeny have been NN from NN females) 

"Juliet" - Mom                                                               "Lincoln" - Dad

Shockwave is already DNA DM NN (Normal) the entire litter are NN clear

Lincoln is a Santana's son by Olivia, a Justice daughter... Decades of West Germany's Best frozen in time.  Lincoln is still alive and well, however retired many years ago.  With this in mind we froze semen so we could turn back the clock when the need called for it.  
 Its expensive to do, but well worth the cost and effort.
We expect to get size, pigment, trainability, beyond fabulous temperaments. Both parents are large, big boned, rock solid old style dogs, DM Negative Negative healthy happy GSD's. 

#112 Mom - Olivia - Appleridges Hint of Inspiration, Justice (Ilko V d Viktoria Farms SchH1 KKL 1 a (West German Import)  daughter 

Famous Maverick- Lincoln's brother by Santana 2007 & 2008 # 3 GSD Canada Obedience 

Champion Deestraums Maverick CD PP TT St John Ambulance OFA Excellent Hips OVC H E 
sire the Famous Tera litter from which Comrade, Cali and Princess came.... Changing Canadian History for Obedience Dogs. 

Santana & Rock progeny.... Obedience dogs that love to give you all that they are simply to share your time & love!!!

Appleridge is proud to share this year planned litters with Families that might enjoy considering,
 Planned Parenting for  2016  

Click on Icon above to adopt or Make a deposit for this litter


Kit Kat will be Bred to Lincoln IVF this Fall for 2017 Litter 

Kit Kat OFA Hips Elbows DM NN BN RN CGC CGCA
... being surgically implanted to Lincoln.  This breeding will pull back old DNA that had such an incredible impact on Obedience dogs in North America.  Big, old style squarer dogs that had rock solid personalities, bodies and temperament.  Back when a GSD was 100 lbs of smart, versatile, stable, reliable, tolerant, fun dog. 

Other Greats in Lincoln's pedigree