Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

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Advance & Level 3  Trained Puppies

Advanced Trained - Available for Reservation 

SOLD -Female - Sabina - May 7th 2019  Serenity & Hammer - Professional Female

Daddy Shockwave Relaxing on a Hot Florida summer day ( Champs Grandpa)

Just when you think its too hot or you're too busy, these fur kids remind us of what life is really all about. The cutest little legs, going as fast as they can to keep up, or, be your favorite.  Truly enjoyable. Our fall has been made so much better sharing their love of life experiences.  Hammer continues to give us the gift of such versatile happy loving smart and truly fun considerate babies.   Share in our family joy!   Warms are hearts. 

PUPPIES ARE MATCHED BY TEMPERAMENT FIRST, Looks is a secondary concern as we want the best possible fit to you and your home.  

Daddy Winning Highest Scoring Dog in Trial ( High in Trial- HIT) Rally Master Class- Triple Q's 

Examples of Blk/Red GSD's

Oscar (West German Import)

Hammers Daddy

Brilliant Reds brought to America through Hammers Daddy Oscar.  Solid old style West German dogs, with straight flat backs and no exaggerated angles in the rear legs or banana backs. Sound bodies, sound minds and extraordinary Versatility.  Blended into our Old West German pedigrees ( some of the oldest in the World) carefully crafted through genetic balancing of qualities, character, looks, type, temperament and above all Health and Longevity. The American public and the Breed are the winners in this commitment to a Old Fashioned wonderful trustworthy, loving, versatile FAMILY companion.  We NEVER put Showing above the Families needs.  Generation after Generation Appleridge stays the course, despite critics comments about; not enough angles, not enough drive, not mean enough.  And.... here we are 40 years later, while most of them are long gone.  Please enjoy looking back through the years in our pages of pictures that owners , like yourselves, have shared with us.  Standing Proud with this magnificent Breed.  We have been Blessed to share our lives with these dogs, that selflessly give us love and commitment till death due we part.  Their loyalty should be revered by the Human Race.