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decades of breeding the Worlds Top pedigrees and titled German Shepherd dogs

               Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

Appleridge German Shepherds (423)457-3808 -Now in Atlanta GA, Annette text,phone 32 Years Dedication to Purebred Dogs , Atlanta, Cleveland, Ontario-CKC AKC Inspected and Approved


Quotes Hello.... i purchased my amazing german shepherd from you 2 years ago...toby!! You will remember him as "peanut butter"... I live in Prescott Arizona. I just wanted you to know.... HE is an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL SMART and LOVING German Shepherd......and it was a blessing for me to have him by my side thru everything..... Thank you so much for having such compassion for these dogs.......He is doing wonderful......We do lots of hiking, classes and i have a personal trainer vet said this is a beautiful german shepherd!!!!! thank you again!!!! renee and toby.....Hope you have a wonderful new year.... Quotes
thank you

Quotes Annette, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you about our baby Rayna (Rose). She is getting so big, and she is incredibly SMART. We are training her with a local K-9 officer, and he has told us that he can tell what a good quality GS she is - not only because of her looks but because of her intelligence and courage. Strangers have literally stopped driving down the road and got out of their cars to admire her! I don't know how we ever survived life without her because she has brought so much joy, laughter, and love! Thank you so much for allowing us the honor of "raising" her, and we look forward to working with you in the future. ~~~ Lori Quotes

Quotes Six months ago I started looking for a GSD, I found Annette on-line, I contacted her and she was very knowledgeable about the breed. She answered all my questions and I knew after talking to her she knew what she was talking about, she was very experienced and was not a back yard breeder. I bought my male from Oscar and Shimmer. Kilo is now 6 months old and is very smart, loyal and a huge part of our family. He was very easy to house train and he gets along very well with other animals and he adores children. Kilo has been around children of all ages and plays very well with them. He is very gentle and just a great loving dog, he has never showed any signs of aggression at all. I highly recommend Annette if you are in search for a good quality GSD. She has what you are looking for. Quotes
Melissa - Indiana
A house is not a home without a German Shepherd.

Quotes > Subject: Hawk has passed away... > ... but wanted to pass along some thanks for "hooking him up" with our family, and wanted to pass on a little tribute video we made. > 13 good years... He was a great dog, and we all miss him greatly. > > Thanks! > Ron + Family Quotes
Tribute to Hawk

Quotes APPLERIDGE KENNELS: we just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our puppy Bear, from Jewels litter of may 19, 2013. his father was Onyx both dogs are owned by Brian of sweetwater, tn. Bear has turned out to be a great dog, not your typical puppy. hes been very easy to train and gets along great with our two small dogs. both are less than ten lbs and Bear seems to take directions from them very well. my wife is really enjoying her training time with Bear.; he picks up learning very quickly. hes got a great disposition. our granddaughters come over ever weekend and we totally trust him with them. he plays with them all day and they all love him. we have been crate training him since we first got him. hes only had two accidents in the house since then. hes really a great dog. we thank you for breeding such a nice and well behaved dog. we couldnt be happier with our choice of your kennels. thanks annette. regards, steve guinan Quotes

Quotes We can't say enough about our Jax! We have 4 little girls, 1 w/special needs, & our #1 priority was to find a dog we could TRUST around our girls. We researched & visited breeders for 3 yrs before deciding on Appleridge, and have never looked back. We know we made the right decision! Breeder/trainer extraordinaire Annette is a wealth of information & so dedicated to her dogs & clients, always available to help or advise. Jax & our child w/ASD instantly formed a special bond; it was as if she knew that this was the child that "needed" her most! Jax is loving, beautiful, even-tempered, obedient, protective, patient, and forgiving to all our girls. They dress her in costumes, use her as a pillow...& she remains calm & easy-going with them. But don't dare try to hurt them, as she is their guardian angel, too! We feel very safe with Jax protecting our home & family! We adore her & are so blessed to say she "owns" us! The Rockwells Quotes
Appleridge Family member FOR LIFE!

Quotes We are proud owners of two dogs from this kennel. Both are boys have been loving and kind to children and other animals. They are so highly intelligent and have so much intuition. When we did run into problems a quick message to Annette to ask for help where we get solutions and normally it is something we are doing wrong and when we changed our behavior the pup changed. The biggest tip we received with our latest puppy was we were not resting him enough. He went from demon puppy to sweet puppy on Annette?s advice. I truly believe there is no such thing as a bad German Shepherd only bad breeder and bad owners. With Appleridge you can be assured you are dealing with excellent and loving breeders who can offer you a loving and loyal addition to your family. Unfortunately they cannot make you be good owners but if you are willing they can sure help teach you to be good owners. Quotes
Barri and Cindy Meisner
Happy Parents of one of your Boys

Quotes Emerson, Aundrea and I thought that we would drop you a line to express how extremely satisfied we are with our baby-monster Rico. Rico turned a year old on April 9, 2013 and is currently 95 pounds. He adapted almost immediately to our family and everyday routine and has made himself quite a name in our neighborhood due to his outgoing personality and overall friendliness.His demeanor and coloring is exactly what we were looking for and I can‚??t express how satisfied we are with him as well as the advice we received from you during the adoption process. Rico is extremely attached to our daughter Emerson as you can see from the photographs and in the process is very protective of her when he is in her company. I can‚??t tell you how many times we have received compliments on Rico‚??s coloring and overall look and have been asked on countless occasions where we adopted him from.One odd thing that we have discovered with Rico though is his extreme love for swimming. Quotes
Brent, Aundrea and Emerson Novakoski
Hello Annette,

Quotes My beautiful baby girl, Wendy, is now 10 months old! It seems like only yesterday that I was finally bringing her home with me. Words cannot express how incredible this creature is. Not only is she stunning, but she is smart as a whip. Her temperment leaves nothing to be desired. Wendy is friendly and welcoming to everyone, but also knows when to be on high alert. Her intutition is impecable. She is my sidekick. Wendy goes running with me, goes to the market, and even frequents a few local bar patios. She is always curious in any new environment, but she always remains by my side and well mannered. Everyone who meets Wendy falls in love immediately and some even inquire about her future puppies! I will forever be grateful for this gift you have bestowed upon me. She is my cuddle buddy, body guard, workout partner, and my best friend. Oh the places we'll go... Quotes
Skye Webb
Wendy's mom

Quotes 13 years ago I bought my first Shepherd at Appleridge Kennels. He grew into the best dog I have ever had. He was Beautiful, smart and amazing with children. He had a long and happy life. Because I had the best experience with Appleridge, I called Annette again in the hopes of a new puppy. I live in Canada but did not hesitate in having the dog shipped to me, as I fully trusted Annette with all the arrangements. It was a very quick and a very smooth transaction. The dog was well taken care of and would do it again. Thank you so much Annette. Once again you have filled my home with joy and happiness. Looking forward to many years of joy. Regards to you and your family...Aviva Quotes
Aviva Storfer
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