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decades of breeding the Worlds Top pedigrees and titled German Shepherd dogs

               Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

Appleridge German Shepherds (423)457-3808 -Now in Atlanta GA, Annette text,phone 32 Years Dedication to Purebred Dogs , Atlanta, Cleveland, Ontario-CKC AKC Inspected and Approved


Quotes Jennifer holding Allie on Allie's first birthday:) * pictured above in Wheel Chair ....its really neat to see them bonding..she listens better to Jennifer than me which is interesting given the speech issues!! She just seems to know she has to be more gentle. Quotes
Annette..thought you would like to see this:)

Quotes I am so sorry that you lost Santana. He was a beauty and has many talented offspring. Justin sure has put us on the map. He does not appear in public too much here. What a wonderful success story. Ontario...Canada.. we sure do miss your presence here!!! I am very happy for you, knowing you love Texas. I will send more pictures of visa and jem. I have had so many people ask me where visa was born. She is such a beauty and a such a great temperament. Smart and loyal and loving. I asked her not to grow old.... You breed the very best German Shepherds!!! Visa and Jem are perfection!! Congratulations on your success! How is your family? Keep well. all the best to your family!! Quotes
Jennifer & Visa
You breed the very best German Shepherds!!!

Quotes annette....I cannot thank you enough fir the time you invested in Tesa.....I am definitely the one she has claimed as her master and she loves nothing more than be obedient to my commands....she loves our cat Patches too....we don't remember what it was like without her...she has just fit right in stress free...thanks again The Powers Family Quotes
annette....I cannot thank you enough
The Powers Family

Quotes "I first met Annette when I purchased my first German Shepherd dog in 1995-1996. We attended her training sessions for obedience and personal protections for several years. That first dog was amazing and became a Canadian Champion. I thought I had the best dog in the world..until I reconnected with Annette last year and purchased my second male German Shepherd, Hektor. THIS dog is like no other.He is the product of her 35 years of breeding and experience. This is a dog who could win his obedience title today and he has had no training, other what I have gathered from Annette over the years. He could track my kids in the forest at 12 weeks of age and herds like he has been doing it all his life. He is sweet, gentle, but ON only when he needs to be. His manners are impeccable. He only ever needs to be old something once. He is my every dream come true. Annette is always available to answer my questions, whether health related or behavioral.Thank you Annette!" Service Category: Breeder, Quotes
Jolie Bradley Sousa has recommended your work as Behavioralist a
Thank you Annette!

Quotes Lex is doing well. He loves eating Origen and playing with other dogs. Training is going very well. Lex receives compliments wherever he goes. People are very impressed with how calm he is for his age. I tell them it is good breeding. Thank you very much for that:) And people all state how handsome of a dog he is. Even people in my family that are large dog people and very hard to impress, they think he is a wonderful dog. They are usually very negative people but Lex won them over by his temperament, obedience and looks. Thank for such a wonderful addition to our family. Mary Franks Quotes
Mary Franks
Lex is doing well.

Quotes Jodi Wright When Terry picked him in January 2003, in Ingersoll, I had no idea the love affair that would ensue between us. Love affair of a Mother / Child / Best Friend, attached at the hip with love and joy and a complete mutual interest for each other's well being at heart. What an experience living with him was day to day, so sweet and so special. I will always & eternally be grateful for him. Aside from my parents I have never been effected so deeply by another soul and I still cry and mourn everyday for the loss of him. I know I'll feel better eventually, but he will always remain extremely close to my heart. Quotes
Our new son, Storms homecoming plans
You are most welcome for my beautiful picture's of Lucus.

Quotes Dear Annette, Words cannot fully express how happy I am with my pup. So healthy, energetic, eager to please and intelligent. He is the perfect pup and has taken to his Service Dog training so well, top of his class in all obedience training. I can't thank you for all the assistance you gave when choosing my dog, and for all the information and advice you continue to provide. I highly recommend your Kennel to my fellow disabled veterans that are interested in purchasing a dog to self train. Thank you again for everything!!! I'm planing on purchasing a companion pup very soon and I won't go anywhere else. -Shawn Quotes
Shawn Ford
Satisfied Owner

Quotes Annette, My home has been quiet and lonely since, as you know, my GSD Tinkerbelle passed in early September. I was delighted to find such a highly accredited and experienced breeder, such as Appleridge, so close to Chattanooga. My new Bear x Cher pup Wendy is absolutely perfect. She has filled my home and life with joy, love, and happiness in the past 2 weeks that I've had her. I really appreciated the time and effort that you all put forth to match me with the perfect pup for me! Wendy relaxed, easy going, and simply brilliant. She adapts to her surrounding and learns very quickly. What a blessing you all and Wendy are in my life! I can't wait to see what life has in store for Wendy and me. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us! Quotes
Skye Webb
Mom of Wendy

Quotes Dear Annette, Close to 3 years ago, we added our girl 'Cover Girl' Farah to our family. (her Mother Cher and Father Bear). I want to tell you how wonderful she is and how helpful you were. We drove from Ontario, Canada to pick her up and upon meeting you at your facility we were very pleased with what we saw and your assistance in selecting the perfect addition to our family. She has a fantastic disposition, highly intelligent and loved by any and all she meets. After 18 months of searching for the right breeder, in narrowing down our selection to you, we feel you have truly delivered the family German Shepherd we searched for. Thank you and wish you all the best! The Cuffaro Family Quotes

Quotes I finally got around to getting the photos organized. Sorry it took so long. I've been really busy with horse shows and a national church convention. Larkin (Appleridge Dream Catcher CGN, PCD and now RN) got 2 firsts and a second in the two Rally shows she competed at. I've also sent a second photo in a separate email of her jumping through a tire. It's a nice action shot. But, I have a friend with agility equipment set up and we just go and play on the equipment and skip the dog walk. Larkin thinks tunnels are great, so are teeter totters and A frames. She is also having fun learning to weave. It's a nice change to do stuff just for fun. We are hoping to compete in CARO rally this fall and if all goes w Quotes
Larkin (Appleridge Dream Catcher CGN, PCD and now RN
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