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decades of breeding the Worlds Top pedigrees and titled German Shepherd dogs

               Appleridge Obedience Family German Shepherds 

Appleridge German Shepherds (423)457-3808 -Now in Atlanta GA, Annette text,phone 32 Years Dedication to Purebred Dogs , Atlanta, Cleveland, Ontario-CKC AKC Inspected and Approved

 Novice Level Litters

 Families may wish to start their puppy search at this entry level. 

( When Available Occasionally- Please check Back regularly for additions to these pages)

Experience the joy of decades of carefully bred Purebred, registered, x-rayed, health tested, temperament tested, family loved and raised Appleridge dogs.   

Purebred and properly bred, because your family are the most important contacts your new dog will ever co habit with. As parents, we MUST confidently know that our dog treasures our family members as much as we do. It is the most important role your dog will ever have, which means temperament is EVERYTHING! 

Enjoy a Quality purebred dog with all of the benefits of a registered dog, at an affordable Companion Family dog cost for adoption. This level will include new parents, that may not be proven. or Co-breeding parents that belong to extended Appleridge Families.  

    Included in this entry level adoption, No Charge

  1. ISO 134 Mhz Universal Microchip - Implanted for identification & locating your companion.
  2. Lifetime monitoring of your valuable Microchip through " Animal Recovery 24 hr " AKC program
  3. Computer DVD's with decades & generations of your new Companions " Family Tree" in full color, showing pictures, titles, health documents and more. 
  4. Pamphlets, Literature and educational information
  5. NuVet 15 day supply of vitamins to get your pup started on a healthy life. 1/2 pill per day
  6. Lifetime Support - In Person, Phone, Internet via Emails, Web site, text and or mail. 
  7. 1/2 cost Board & Train programs - Professionals will train your dog & prepare you to give task commands.
  8. Licensed Veterinarian Wellness checked, includes fecal check. 
  9. First puppy vaccine, the start to a healthy virus free life for your new companion. 
  10. Worming every 2 weeks from birth, alternating medications to prevent resistance. Will include 1st heart-worm month dose.  In summer months flea products such a Sentinel or Program Plus will be used. 
  11. American or Canadian Kennel Club registration papers - Limited -  Non Breeding.  
  12. Introductory or 30 day Health Insurance - Complimentary AKC or other. 
  13. Sample kibble that your pup is currently eating & instructions to continue them on their healthy diet. 

 This introductory level are generally the same pedigrees, the parent(s) may not have show, obedience or titles that are costly to complete, or they may be just starting their careers.  Pups adopted from this level SHALL not breed and are intended for loving homes to be treasured as companions only.

 Altering (Spay or Neuter) is required.

$1595.00 Non Breeding / NB 

*Military Discount Does NOT Apply to this level Litters