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We classify our litters into 3 levels. Find more info and planned or upcoming litter in each level here.
All 3 levels are available to pet/non breeding homes.
Appleridge Proudly gives a 10% Discount to Military & Police Families from Elite & Professional Litters (Thank you for your Service)  

Sabina - female - Tail Wagging Fun - Enjoyable Companion Family Dog 

Happy days are ahead with this Happy puppy.  Sabina looks at life with such a positive, wonderful , enjoy everything attitude.  If you are the kind of person or Family that have a positive outlook at each day or sunrise, planning your next adventure, this kid is all yours.  Sabina genuinely looks at everything to be enjoyed.  She is so happy its hard to believe her tail can wag so much.  She sees us and comes running for the sheer pleasure of having us talk to her, or touch her, or take her for a walk, or even simply hang out with her.  We cant think of a time that she was sad.  Love this considerate sweet heart for the rest of your life, and she will return the favor a thousand fold.  Brilliant and Kind makes this fur fun fantastic friend your next BFF.    

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Sierra - Female - Lite Footed - Easy go Lucky - Brilliant creative Thinker

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You really must consider this incredible fur kid if you like an intelligent dog that thinks as she goes.  On the fly! The kind you do really have to train, they watch, learn, apply and remember.  The kind of fur kid that makes you look like the Worlds best Trainer.  Easy to live with, easy to Train, easy to take anywhere and always eager to please the most important person in their World " You" . 

  Family dog or your Personal BFF Sierra will make your World complete.  If you want to take her to obedience Trials, Rally, or Agility, she will be game for it.  She would also make a perfectly content, easy to live with Family girl for a sport happy home full of kids.  Black and Red with the cutest face and dark brown eyes.  Cuddle up with this fur kid to watch TV or go hiking when you have time. 

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PICK  Female - " Sofia " -  Sweet - Happy - Affectionate - Very Tolerant- Fun ( Peter's New Baby Girl)
 Going to British Columbia  Canada

Pick Female - Share your Family's Memories and Dreams with this beautiful lovingly considerate fur kid.  Sofia has a lower drive which makes her idea for Family life with littler children, other little animals, physically challenged individuals that need a considerate companion.  Sofia is tolerant of the children's every touch, pull, movement and voices. She will be the ideal Nanny, sharing Moms responsibilities of minding and helping with keeping safe the people in your life that need that unselfish sweet listening companion.  Her every desire is to please and be loved.  Cherish every moment of life seen through the eyes of a BFF that wants only for your happiness and shared time.  This non complicated, fun, curious, delightful,  sweetie would make an excellent " Autism Service Dog" with your trainers help. Medium sized black/tan girl. 

"Stone"    Male - He has his family's gift of smell. Kind- Smart- Loving- Affectionate - Sweet with Kids

  Adopt Stone                                    /                                           Reserve Stone  

" Stone " 
 Incredible guy with a huge heart, like his Mom & Dad.  He's a sweetie with an upbeat "Love Life!" disposition. Wonderful prospect for a brilliant Family dog.  We are expecting Stone to be a medium- large sized male of about 85-95 lbs at maturity.  He has an absolutely lovely personality.  This guy has a keen nose and is already very accurate with it.  He regular indicates and wants to encourage us to investigate his findings.  An excellent " Hide and Seek prospect or Search & Rescue or even a Human assistant Service dog with the wonderful Guidance of your Trainer.  
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Shockwave Winning Highest Scoring Dog in Trial ( High in Trial- HIT) Rally Master Class- Triple Q's 

We get many inquiries as to what in particular makes a puppy Show VS Pet...
Show Quality VS Pet Quality 
Show Quality: Free of any disqualifying faults, for males, 2 testicles present. They possess exceptional traits physically. Temperament tends to be more dominant/ outgoing as it shows well if they are "alert & confident" however that is not always the case. Some may be well suited to high level competition in different venues. 

Pet Quality: A lovely specimen of the breed, who may not possess the attitude to show, perhaps would be better suited cuddling on the couch with it's family. No guarantee on testicles for males (irrelevant as you will be neutering) Often times this tends to be a more laid back puppy than its counterpart. It can be something as simply as how they carry their tail that distinguishes them as pet quality. We also do not sell NA's (DM) into inexperienced Breeding homes which would automatically make them Pet Quality although many breeders with less moral standards wouldn't.
Not ALL puppies in this world are meant for show homes, we CHERISH the pet homes that adopt our wonderful babies so they can have a fulfilling life! Please do not consider Pet Quality as an insult. I have a lovely pet quality spayed girl currently passed out on her bed at my feet as I write this a
and is a valued member of my family! 

Examples of Blk/Red GSD's

Oscar (West German Import)

Hammers Daddy

Brilliant Reds brought to America through Hammers Daddy Oscar.  Solid old style West German dogs, with straight flat backs and no exaggerated angles in the rear legs or banana backs. Sound bodies, sound minds and extraordinary Versatility.  Blended into our Old West German pedigrees ( some of the oldest in the World) carefully crafted through genetic balancing of qualities, character, looks, type, temperament and above all Health and Longevity. The American public and the Breed are the winners in this commitment to a Old Fashioned wonderful trustworthy, loving, versatile FAMILY companion.  We NEVER put Showing above the Families needs.  Generation after Generation Appleridge stays the course, despite critics comments about; not enough angles, not enough drive, not mean enough.  And.... here we are 40 years later, while most of them are long gone.  Please enjoy looking back through the years in our pages of pictures that owners , like yourselves, have shared with us.  Standing Proud with this magnificent Breed.  We have been Blessed to share our lives with these dogs, that selflessly give us love and commitment till death due we part.  Their loyalty should be revered by the Human Race.