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Litter - Layla & Onyx - Wonderful Babies
This Litter is Fully Reserved


Male # 3  -  Dark Blue  - Black & Red  - Traditional Type - Available - Please call 423 457 3808 to discuss adopting this picture perfect boy.  

This Handsome fun baby guy is Confident, Alert, Smart and looking for a job to do.  Independence learner, respectful, settled, gentle, quiet, brilliant curious guy.  This guy reminds us of LolliPop, his Grandmother who is an inspiring representative of Versatility and Beauty in this Breed.   

This is what I will look like all grown up >

Male # 1 - Green Collar - Medium Male - Deep Red & Black  -Reserved Greg's for family

A Look into the future (below) My look

This wonderful adorable happy sweet faced boy has a temperament exactly like his daddy Onyx.  Handsome, amazing Black & Red, trainable, respectful, quieter, delightful young man. Totally cuddle bug, so respectful and gentle, kind to his litter mates, considerate to the cat and little dogs, so sweet and kind.  He looks for your praise and wants to put a smile on your face.   The perfect fun, guy is so much like his Daddy.  Handsome, amazing Black & Red, trainable, respectful, quieter, delightful young man.   

Male # 2  - Brown Collar -  Black &  Red / BI- Reserved for Heather & Henry & family 

This special guy has a lovely personality, balancing gentle, calm, considerate, loving and very respectful with him alert aware of his environment personality.  This guy has a fabulous Masculine Head.  This kid is a lower energy, cuddle bug with the sweetest disposition, but still boy temperament. This guy is the most like older brother " Handsome".   

I'm going to look like my older Brother (below)

Male # 4 - PICK MALE -  Orange Collar -  Reserved for Vincent & Jill's Family 

Up-charge this fur kid as your pick for $500

This stunningly handsome guy will grow to be the perfect example of a GSD male.  He is such a settled confident young man.  The perfect combination of respectful curiosity, and lower drive " I got this".  If you are looking for a fun, sweet, loving, confident, charmer that enjoys your company, this is you guy.  He takes great care to assess your movements and manor to determine how he should react.  Super trainable, he's a fast learner. 
 ears already heading up, excellent clean mover. 

 Qualifies Breeding Contract

Great Grandpa is who I look like 

Female # 2   - Dark Pink - Show Quality Female * Pick Obedience-   Nolan's Daughter

Will look like & Act  Great Great 
Grandma Irish  >

This Incredible Baby Girl is the Fun Sporty Gal in the litter.  Super Pretty, super Fun, looks at Life with Wide Open Eyes.  Her favorite game is tug and is always the first to insist on getting picked up, played with and focuses
 100 % on us.   She has a big heart and is willing to follow you anywhere and do anything to please you.   This girl has a confidence that will be instrumental in a desire to learn.

Female # 3   Powder Blue - Reserved - Helbling Family -St Pete's 

This amazing baby is a Considerate sweet adorable pup.   If you enjoy cuddling with your fur kid and enjoy a content, peaceful quiet, calm dog, then she is for you.    Best Fur Friend personality is exactly like her Aunt Wave. There isn't enough we can say about Wave's personality. Wave adores our children, loves us, our cat, and little 4 lb Papillon. Wave is a smart, tolerant, considerate, alert, Natural protective dog without aggression or unpredictable tendencies.  This young girl shares her Aunts outstanding qualities. She will look like her Aunt Wave, Black & Tan with Red Highlights

Female # 4  Purple - PICK FEMALE - Show Quality  Add $500 for Pick - Kellie's New fur Daughter

This young fur kid has a confident, delightful personality with a versatile sporty outlook on life.  We encourage you to consider this kid if you are the kind of person that can be a good pack leader who enjoys time with their dog.  She has a big heart and is willing to follow you anywhere and do anything to please you.  She will be a medium to large girl. She is considerate with children and litter mates.  She would be a good choice for a fun younger owner or medium experienced senior person or couple.   She is a wonderful Team member.  She enjoys down time, calmly enjoying cuddles and kisses.  This kid has an ON/OFF switch.  

Going to look like Mom and Aunt Essence >